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The University Aviation Association (UAA) is the voice of collegiate aviation to its members, the industry, government and the general public. Through the collective expertise of its members, this nonprofit organization plays a pivotal role in the advancement of degree-granting aviation programs that represent all segments of aviation.
Today, UAA has more than 525 members, including 105 accredited colleges and universities. The organization and its members are poised to meet the ever-changing needs of the aviation industry and address the challenges of the 21st century.

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The Lines Are Open . . .

It has been a number of months since the UAA Fall Conference in Snowbird concluded and much has been accomplished since that time. In speaking with colleagues, it was clear that many left the conference with a renewed sense of energy towards UAA activities and a sense that this is a point of inflection and innovation for the Association.



A goal of my Presidency is to increase communication between UAA and membership. We have taken significant strides forward on this front through monthly communications through a President’s blog and significantly growing the social media presence. To view the latest update, select the "President's Blog" under the News navigation button. Go directly to Blog . . .




UAA Issues Major Policy Statements

The Association has issued policy statements regarding the following important issues:



AFMAP Aviation Faculty Mentoring and Assistance Program Gains Altitude


Aviation programs at universities often have faculty who join the professoriate after several years of work in industry with limited knowledge of the essentials for professional success as university professors.


With increased reliance on university aviation programs as the main source of aviation workers with specialized knowledge, such as pilots or maintenance and operations management personnel, it is critical to establish a system that will help develop aviation faculty.

With the approval of the UAA Board of Trustees, the proposed Aviation Faculty Mentoring and Assistance Program (AFMAP) has been launched with an e-mail poll to UAA’s membership. Form and further information . . .



Curriculum Committee Developing Spreadsheet of Institutional Member Curricula, Plans of Study

The UAA Curriculum Committee is in the process of developing an online document that provides links to aviation-related curricula and plans of study of member institutions. This document will allow rapid and simplified access to curricular documents that are already available publicly, and will be expanded as additional institutions make their information available online. (Sign in, then choose Committees from the menus above. Select Curriculum Committee from the list presented.) 



UAA Responds to FAA Policy Change on FAA Approved Training Devices


Download the document from the UAA News Page.

GAO releases “AVIATION WORKFORCE: Current and Future Availability of Airline Pilots” (February 2014)


FAA Final Ruling Creates New Certification and Qualification Requirements

The FAA Pilot Certification and Qualification Requirements for Air Carrier Operations final rule, which  creates new certification and qualification requirements for pilots in air carrier operations, was published in the Federal Register and became effective July 15, 2013. For clarification regarding the FAA final Rule, contact:

Barbara Adams
Management and Program Analyst
Federal Aviation Administration
Flight Standards Service
(202) 385-4286
FAA Notice 8900.225 outlines the regulatory and guidance changes related to the Pilot Certification and Qualification Requirements for Air Carrier Operations final rule. It includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions beginning on page 13 of the document.

UAA has created an FAA Final Rule Forum to enable encourage member discussion of the Final Rule and its implications. In addition to the preceding link, members can find the forum as a dropdown of the Members Only navigation item at the top of this page. (You must be logged in to use either method of access.)

The following are provided for information purposes only, and may not be all-inclusive. Please check www.faa.gov for addenda.


Study of Airline Pilot Labor Supply Released



In the Summer of 2012, the industry formed a stakeholders group which sought to analyze the current state of the airline pilot labor supply. From this stakeholders group, a subgroup of collegiate aviation researchers formed and endeavored to help provide a scientific foundation to this process. This study, just released, is available at the link below.


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